My End Of The School Year!!!

My end of my school year has come, I am going to UK!!!  That is a little bit sad and a little bit happy. The sad part is I have to leave my poor dog cookie. The good part is I get to bring my macbook from school to UK. I can keep in touch with my friends. This is just a quick post. Daredevil6.

Ocean life

Today our school we watched a cool video from Rob Steward. He was a guest in our school. The video was about sharks and other living things in the  ocean. He told us he loved sharks when he was a kid. He made this video because people have been killing sharks. People often say sharks are scary and dangerous. I think because they watched the movie called ”Jaw”. He made a two hour video. It is really sad. They said at least 15,000 sharks died and killed during the video. Have you ever tried shark fin soup? Do you know how they do it? Well, I am going to tell you. First they catch a shark and cut off all the fins. Then throw the shark into the ocean again but without fins. I was a bit sad. He was with his friend Paul and he is something like a peace shark fighter. He fights for shark. One time Rob and his friends are chased by the police because they flooded a boat that was killing sharks and throwing back in the water. After 2 years there are protesters against the government. So he reached his goal because he already changed people mind to help all animals.

The 2 best blog

I think the blog that deserve the award is Daredevil 11 because he is very detailed and his posts are long. Thats really good and it is really interesting. Daredevil 11 has cool widgets that makes the blog more fun. The second person that deserve a award is Daredevil 8 because his post are interesting like Daredevil 11.  Just like Daredevil 11 his widgets are cool. These are the blogs I like.


We went to camp for three days and two nights. We had to sleep on cabins and the pillows are so hard and it was really hard to sleep. We had a great race and it was really hard. All we had to do is find these items and you have to write down what was the item. We had small groups and big groups. The big group is when we do something together. The small groups are for the Great race and some other things. It was really fun but hot and sunny. When we came home that was a bit sad because my dog was gone to the hospital if need to take to UK for seven months.

The Bad News (for me)

I think I have 12 more weeks in Hong Kong. I am going to give you a lots of reasons i don’t want to go to UK. I am going to lose my dog. I hate making new friends. I only have  3 months left, but I have lots of ways to keep in touch with my friends. First, My E-mail and my first class. Second, Skype. Next Facebook. Here is a question.

Would you give your dog to someone else or bring the dog to UK and stay at the check service for 6 months?

Comment for your opinion. Bye.